Professional Residential Window Cleaning: How Do They Perform?

residential window clean

The best way to improve the home’s curb appeal and keep it looking great is window cleaning. Yes, you can do it on your own, but professional residential window cleaning is incomparable.

Well, the reason is not only that the experts have the right training and tools to perform the task efficiently, but they can complete it in the best possible way. They know well how to clean your residential window without any damage.

Are you finding it interesting? Let’s explore their window cleaning process.

How Do The Professional Window Cleaners Wash The Residential Windows?

Yes, it seems very easy cleaning the windows but not that much. However, the professionals can wash them correctly with very little effort that will make your windows sparkling and spot-free. Let’s get started:

The Tools Professionals Use for Cleaning Inside and Outside:

Here are some of the equipment that the experts apply during the cleaning procedure. Such as:

  • Sponge
  • Large towel for the protection of inside windows
  • Cleaning solution and bucket
  • Absorbent or lint-free cloth
  • Rubber squeegee to dry the glasses
  • Rag to clean the glasses

Preparing the Cleaning Solution:

During the DIY process, we pick any cleaning solution randomly and mix it with water to start the process. Also, people often use detergent for a better result. But, the outcome can be worse than before and leave spots on the glasses.

According to experts, there’s a basic amount to prepare the solution. They mix the right streak-free cleaning solution with the basic water in a little amount as much it needs.

Also, when you don’t have the cleaning agents, they prepare the solution using two gallons of water and one tablespoon dishwashing liquid with white vinegar.

Washing the Windows:

For the professional residential window cleaning, the experts use the sponge for the windows having many small panels. On the flip, for the large windows, they find the squeegee as the best alternative.

  • Now, the professionals dip the sponge in the cleaning agent and wipe the window entirely, including every single corner. During the DIY process, we often leave the corners because they are hard to reach and time-consuming.
  • For the high exterior windows, they use ladders and broom handle to clean the corners efficiently. Also, the cleaners often use spray window washer for the hard-to-reach place.

Drying The Windows:

After the completion of the cleaning process, it’s time to dry them. Such as:

The experts add rubber blades on the squeegee to clean the water vertically from top to down. On the other hand, for the large picture size windows, they apply horizontal strokes.

They use a lint-free cloth or absorbent microfibre between each stroke while wiping out the water. Also, they keep a separate cloth to dry the water from the window sill so that there remains no chance of damage to the frame.

Best Professional Window Cleaners to Hire

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